Saturday, August 30

Lot's of Leah

It's Leah.
As you guys may know, I started this blog to share my life throughout the blogging world. I hate to say this, but I'm too lazy for that stuff. But I have come up with an idea.

Throughout my life I haven't cared much for thing such as fashion. I wore what was comfortable and easy to change in and out of with my busy sporty lifestyle. But since I've moved to SunnySide, I seem to be more interested in clothing. My cousin Saige and friend Alyssa, decided to make it their responsibility to change me. And it worked. I have my "passion for fashion" as Saige says.

Although my life remains busy, and I'm still a tomboy at heart, there's something I love about putting together different pieces and creating original, unique pieces that show the world who I am. I mean just that sounds cool, right?

I spend lot's of my time checking out and finding new blogs on the internet. Ever since I have started to love fashion, my heart was captured by the blog:
I found my inspiration right there, and decided.
This is what my blog is going to be like.

I'll start posting as soon as my new blog design gets sorted and I'll get a tad more organized. In the mean time, I would GREATLY appreciate a shoutout, I'm in desperate need for followers ;(

I love you all so much! I hope you like my decision and enjoy this blog!

Lot's of Love,