Meet the friends

In SunnySide I live with 6 other girls, and 4 pets. Today, I will introduce you to 5 of my friends!

Julie: My Bestie

Julie and I became friends from my first day here. She's really funny, nice and has an amazing personality. She likes playing basketball, doing people's hair, playing dolls, teaching our pets tricks, and at times she can be a bit rebellious ;)
Julie has long blond hair, brown eyes and freckles. Her style is slightly girly, slightly tomboyish, and she can pull out some awesome outfits. She loves anything hippie, and her room is 1970's themed. 
Facts about Julie:

Name: Julie Lindsey Albright
Nickname: Jules, Hoopster, Allways Bright
Nationality: Italian-American
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: May 1st
Dream Job: Room Designer, Baskteball Player
Favorite color: Orange and purple
Favorite animals: Dogs and penguins
Favorite food: Lasagna, Oranges, Ice Cream
Pet Peeves: When she is standing in line, and people try to push in front of her, discrimination and fighting.

My Cousin: Saige

After piecing together lots of clues, Saige and I learned that we were long-lost cousins!!!! Saige is loud, outgoing and will do anything to fight for what she believes in. She loves to draw, paint, ride horses, play dolls, and take pictures. She has beautiful long auburn curls, but keeps them up a lot because they are annoying. She also has aqua eyes and freckles. Her style is fashionable, and countryish. You'll almost always see her in boots or something that looks like it came from Tennesee :)
She loves native things, bold, bright patterns. 

Name: Saige Jessica Fern Copeland
Nickname: Saige
Nationality: American (New Mexico and New York)
Age: 12 years old
Birthday: July the 3rd
Dream Job: Horse Rider, Artist
Favorite color: Blue, purple
Favorite animals: Horses and dogs
Favorite Food: Pickles, potato chips, nachos
Pet Peeves: Mean teachers, Bullying, When people don't listen to her ideas, freezing weather

The Fun Friend: Alyssa 

Alyssa is the fun, fashionable and girly-girl of SunnySide. She's a bit of a Drama Queen, but we accept it, as she wants to be an actress when she grows up. Whenever I don't want to do something, or am scared, she will always find a good reason for me to do it. She is very brave and loves to try new things. She likes to act, dance, sing and anything else that has to do with being on stage. She also likes to read, design outfits, and play dolls. Alyssa has short brown hair, because like me, she doesn't have enough patience to grow it out, brown eyes, and tan skin. Her style is girly and trendy. She likes anything girly, sparkly or glittery :D
Alyssa Facts:

Name: Alyssa Mckayla Cranterberry
Nickname: Lyssie, Aly, Alyssa
Nationality: American-English (UK) 
Age: 12 years old 
Birthday: May 8th
Dream Job: Outfit Designer, Actress
Favorite color: PURPLE
Favorite animals: Puppies
Favorite food: Berries, fish & chips (aka french fries), pizza
Pet Peeves: Mean People, When people mix all kinds of patterns together :P, When people pretend to be good at singing even though they know they are not. 

The Go-To Girl: Hannah

Hannah is the oldest girl in SunnySide and she is the best person to talk to. She's experienced lots of things I haven't experienced yet, so it's easy to talk to her. She's sort of like the mom here ;).  She hates when we fight and can always put a stop to our bickering. Hannah loves to dance, and has a passion for music, photography and old dolls. Hannah as long blond layered hair, blue eyes and light skin. Her style is quite girly, pink and sort of balletish. Her favorite ballet clothing store just opened and she wants to go on a big shopping spree soon. She likes when everything is in place and organized, pink things and  ballet themed. 
The Facts:

Name: Hannah Gabrielle Parkson
Nickname: Hannah
Nationality: French-American
Age: 14 years old
Birthday: December the 31st
Dream Job: Ballet Dancer
Favorite color: Pink, white and blue
Favorite animals: Dogs and dolphins
Favorite food: Smoothies, waffles, spaghetti bolognese. 
Pet Peeves: Pointless fights, diseases, bullying, when people think they are better others

The Adventurous One: Chrissa

Chrissa is the most adventurous of us all and I love that about her. She's always ready for something new, whether it's rock climbing or trying avocado muffins. She always gives me courage to try new things. She likes playing dolls, listening to music, being outside, swimming and drawing. She had dark brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. Her style is outgoing and you never know what to expect. Sometimes she will buy various weird things at thrift stores, chop them up, cut them in half, sew them and end up with amazing pieces. She likes bright patterns and when things are messy in a good way ;P
Facts about Chrissa

Name: Chrissa Laura Maxwell
Nickname: Chrissy, Chris, Chrissa
Nationality: American-Lithuanian
Age: 13 1/2 years old
Birthday: November the 29th
Dream Job: Swimmer, Adventurer
Favorite color: Purple, silver and blue
Favorite animals: Dogs, Lions and Tigers
Favorite food: Radishes, Pasta with butter, potato zeppelins (Lithuanian Dish)
Pet Peeves: When people don't listen to her, when she's too young or too short to try something (example: rollercoaster rides)


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